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Business Services Industry (Exchange)

Client profile

The target company is a significant business services industry company in located in the Montreal region. It uses 8 servers and 120 work stations.

Meeting the challenges

Firstly, just one person was responsible for the maintenance and management of 120 computers. Next, the company constantly suffered from a lack of data storage space. Lastly, the computer network relied upon NT4 technology, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. It had obsolete technology whose reliability left much to be desired and that required a considerable amount of material resources.
Edologic suggested migrating to a more up-to-date technology, namely the NT4 from Windows Server 2003.

We automatically also suggested switching to Exchange 2003.

Lastly, we demonstrated to the client the extent to which they would benefit from the implementation of a SAN data storage system.
After implementing all of the proposed solutions, the company was able to observe an increase in storage capacity and reliability.

Their network made great gains in stability and, thanks to Windows Server 2003 technology, uses up far fewer resources.

It all translates into the more efficient use of their existing equipment.

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