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Business Services Industry (Virtualization)

Client profile

Business services industry using 15 servers and 300 work stations. The company uses 2.0 TB of data.  The company maintains two places of business linked by fibre optics.

Meeting the challenges

The company sought technological solutions to maximally contain service interruptions and guarantee company operations in the event of a disaster. The company also wished to implement a technological solution to facilitate the maintenance of its infrastructure while limiting actual maintenance time.

Edologic suggested putting two ESX (VMware) virtual servers into place on the primary site with an SAN from the EqualLogic PS100E line, as well as a virtual server at the satellite site from the PS50E.

The satellite site would act as a backup site with replicated data and access to critical applications.

With the implementation of the virtualized infrastructure, service interruptions and equipment breaks were maximally contained.

With a considerable reduction in the number of servers to administer, the pressure that had previously been placed on the on-site technical team was also drastically reduced.

By establishing this backup site, the company eliminated a significant potential risk to the way they do business.

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