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Chamber of Commerce (Terminal Server)

Client profile

A significant Chamber of Commerce in the Montreal area that has nearly 1,500 members. It uses 3 servers and 12 work stations.

Meeting the challenges

The organization wanted to extend the life of its aging computer population by an additional four or five years, but they were on a very limited budget. Furthermore, they could not rely on any internal resources to manage their computer population.

Edologic suggested implementing a structure based upon Terminal Server and thus also installed Wyse terminals.

In doing this, it was possible to keep the existing computers and use them solely for the purpose of client terminals.

We also advised implementing an intervention methodology. Lastly, we worked out an outsourcing management program that provided for regular visits from a technician.

Once the suggested solutions were brought to fruition, the organization succeeded in remaining within budget and limiting its expenditures for its computer population.

All the users now work in a state-of-the-art technological environment, as much in terms of servers as on the office automation side of things.

Lastly, a preventive maintenance plan keeps system crashes and service interruptions to a minimum.

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