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Voyages aller-retour Ltée

The point of this email is to send my appreciation and satisfaction for the services you provided. Since Edologic took charge of managing our internal network and installing a second server, our business operations have never been interrupted due to computer problems. Their solutions gave us a positive return on our investment and enabled us to considerably reduce costs by outsourcing our technology department. As a result, be sure that I would not hesitate to refer Edologic for anything related to technology.


Daniel Cimon
Director of Administration and Development
Voyages aller-retour Ltée


Argenteuil-Laurentides Film & TV Commission

"We have finally founded IT technicians speaking the same language than us"

Danny Brassard
Argenteuil-Laurentides Film & TV Commission


Wirerope Industries

For reasons of security and the optimization of processes, it became necessary for our company to migrate from Windows NT 4 to Windows 2003. This complete restructuring project had been approved and we had already considerably reduced the size of the company. Thus, the challenge was to ensure the migration did not interrupt computer service or production for an extended length of time. I would say Edologic, in collaboration with Philippe Brevet, played a fundamental role in the successful completion of our goal in terms of migration. I received exceptional service in terms of the professionalism, competence and interpersonal relations.
Our migration to Windows 2003 was a success.

Jim H. Gresseau
Net @ admin
Wirerope Industries

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