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Contingency plan

A company contingency plan allows a company to be protected against any eventuality that may result in a halt in operations.

When we think of a “halt in operations”, we tend to think of major disasters such as a fire, flood, or earthquake. While a good contingency plan must consider these possibilities, it must mainly contemplate potential risks.

To guard against potential risks, contingency strategies or plans of action must be created. These strategies identify one or more alternate production site, the required components and their processes of replacement in the short, intermediate, or long term, as well as the available human and informational resources necessary for a business to continue their operations.

A contingency plan is not an entirely technological exercise. It is, above and beyond all, a management exercise that drives—among other things—the implementation of technological solutions. 
Edologic can accompany you in implementing a contingency plan for your organization to enable you to control the risk.
Our methods entail risk analysis, establishment of objectives for the maximum allowable interruption time (RTO – Recovery Time Objective) and for the maximum allowable loss of data (RPO – Recovery Point Objective), identification of continuity strategies, and the implementation of strategies.

VMware and Dell EqualLogic solutions are especially effective and competitive in the implementation of a contingency plan.

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